Happy Valentine's Day from Crabby Bear!

 LOVE Out Loud!!!

Jelly Pup! 水母犬

Jelly Pup! 水母犬!

1/2 Jelly Fish + 1/2 Puppy! 

New species of CRAKENS discovered in the San Francisco Bay!

Lucky Puffer Puss!


Crabby Bear Designer Plush Online Release!


I'm super excited to announce Crabby Bear Designer Plush will be officially released online this Wednesday, 12/5 at NOON PST for our CRAKENS collectors!

Crabby Bear Designer Plush:

- Designed by Martin Hsu and 100% handmade by Lana Crooks. Locally sourced in Chicago

- Limited Edition of 30

- $85 + $12 US shipping / international shipping TBD

- Certificate of authenticity signed & numbered by Lana and Martin

How to order:

- Email Martin at info@martinhsu.com starting Noon PST on Wednesday 12/5 with subject title "Crabby Bear!"! It's that easy!

Special note:

Due to the complexity of Crabby Bear, only 10 units will be released at once. Since his debut at Designer Con, 8 orders have been placed. This means only 2 more spots are open for Christmas delivery so set your alarms!!!

All additional orders will ship as part of our second online release before Valentine's Day 2013!

The Crabby Bear Plush Story:

Once again, I've teamed up with Lana Crooks to create a genuine original creation after our first CRAKENS designer plush, Puffer Puss (Ed. of 50 ) have completely sold out! Puffer Puss pics here!

From kitty to bear, this time we bring our fans Crabby Bear! Meet him here! Crabby Bear is half panda, half crab, and quite the gentleman... he wears a tall hat, after all ;)

For some work in progress pictures of Lana at her desk, please see here!

Good luck and Crabby Bear loves you!!!


Crabby Bear Designer Plush Designer Con Exclusive Release!

Meet Crabby Bear Designer Plush!!! Exclusive release info for our fans only! Only 10 pre-orders will be taken to ship and arrive before Christmas! Each Crabby Bear is $85 + shipping. Super limited edition of 30 bears only! Plush collectors beware!!!

Crabby Bear designer plush is 100% handmade and locally sourced in USA. Designed by Martin Hsu & handmade by Lana Crooks!

More detail pictures to come! :D

For all questions, email Martin at info@martinhsu.com!

A new MartinHsu.com is coming soon!

Welcome to the Martin Hsu Pop Up Shop! We are retiring the old online shop and are in the middle of building a brand new site experience for MartinHsu.com. Meanwhile, you can find a limited selection of your favorite Martin Hsu products and original art here at the Martin Hsu Pop Up Shop!

If anything seems amiss, please email us at info@martinhsu.com to let us know. Be sure to follow Martin on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for updates on the new site. Thanks for your patience!